Thursday, May 22, 2014

California 3d Progress Report No.7

California 3D Project, Progress report No.7

Underwater shoot April 2014

If you are following our you might want to know what happened with the squid eggs.  We were able to shoot 3d macro of squid eggs hatching. Marry Lynn Price has edited this into our 3d reel.
The massive field of squid eggs we shot in late 2013 hatched out and the sandy bottom returned to normal, not a trace of squid.  See at
This past week we got with the Blue and Mako sharks off San Diego.
Photo of Bob Cranston with the 3 D rig is by Howard Hall. 
A small but bold Mako shark came in for a look.

Got wonderful footage of other-worldly Comb Jellies, they are a perfect subject in 3d.

This creature is called a Beroid Ctenophore, and is one of the biggest examples that Bob has ever seen.

On our last expedition we also got 3 D footage of salp chains, another alien – like creature. These salp will grow larger, and by summer we will be out there getting footage of the equally strange Mola Mola feeding on the salp.  There is no shortage of great 3 D subjects right off our coast, here in California.

During the past year, in 2013, the prices on  some components making up the Gates Deep Atom Kit dropped significantly, for instance the RED Epic camera and 3ality Atom rig.  So 2014 rental pricing at has been lowered to meet this market reality. Ask for a new quote for your project.
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