Saturday, November 30, 2013

3d California IMAX film report No6

                 California 3d Project, Progress Report No. 6
                      Underwater shoot, November 2013.
As is often the case, we went out on the boat planning to shoot one subject, but something even better showed up. We planned to shoot the healthy kelp forest of winter, when the mating squid appeared.

Bob walks the Gates Deep Atom 3d rig along the sea bottom toward the kelp forest.  Cold, clear water made for great shots.

During the first hours of the shoot,  we noticed signs of squid.  We were already aware this is the time of year for mating opalescent squid.   We took the opportunity to capture footage of the mating phenomenon and female squid planting their egg sacs in the sandy seafloor, just outside the kelp forest.                                                                             Photos by Johnny Friday

 At 100 feet we were able to shoot squid with cable lights, day and night. 
 On day one there was the right amount of squid to get good shots of the egg clumps. By the third night  we were covered in squid. It was difficult to shoot through them.

We will be back shooting in 4 weeks when squid eggs start hatching. Follow us on Photos by Johnny Friday

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