Wednesday, July 10, 2013

3Dsea Progress Report #3

3D California Project, Progress Report  #3 underwater July 10, 2013 

We are back underwater shooting in genuine 3D with two synchronized 5k Epic cameras, a matched 3D set of Angeniux lenses and the Gates Deep Atom housing. 

Photo: Bob Cranston w rig, courtesy of Dive buddies Howard Hall & Richard Herrmann shooting our work in progress.

The anemones are the right size, shape and have movement to be good 3D subjects.  Their Red bat-star neighbors add color. We recognize subjects that will translate well onto the big screen. Because this is our local ocean we will go back and add time-laps and feeding on squid to this sequence.

 We have years of experience shooting with big cameras like the 70mm Solido.  Now we have a smaller camera with long run time to capture new and better sequences in 5k digital.

Our close-up work was interrupted yesterday when a flotilla of giant black and purple jellyfish arrived. With our underwater zoom-lens capabilities, we took advantage and got close-ups, then pulled wide to reveal the 3 foot bells with 6 foot long tentacles.  
Cameramen Johnny Friday and Bob Cranston might be the most efficient crew to ever shoot genuine underwater 3D.
Bob Cranston  cell 858-395-3591, 

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