Wednesday, April 10, 2013

3Dsea Progress reports #2

3D California Project, Progress Report  #2 Topside  

 April 2013, Johnny Friday and Bob Cranston took the 3Ality Atom rig on a road trip up California Hwy 1. We had a wonderful week of shooting topside.   

Just North of San Simeon we perched the camera on the edge of a cliff.
The location was in the flight path of Gulls soaring in the updraft.  Gulls came to within 8 feet for good 3d with beautiful coastal background.


   Mostly we shot 3D coastal scenics. 

The fog rolled in and the sun went down we shot 3d time lapse.  We also shot some sizeable surf crashing at 48fps and 72fps.

Our Atom 3d rig with Epic cameras and Angenieux  16-42 lenses worked perfectly.  
Johnny and I are going back underwater in two weeks, this June. The California summer season is just getting stated. We will let you know how it goes.   Bob Cranston  858 395 3591 

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